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Insurer’s Duty Of Good Faith Continues After Litigation Commenced Friday, 01 January 2016 The implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing continues even after litigation has been initiated. More detail
How to Open Policy Limits Sunday, 01 February 2015 Careful planning is necessary when making a policy limits demand so that the insurance carrier cannot later claim that it is not liable for the excess judgment. More detail
The Duty to Defend Can Be Extended after Trial Court’s Erroneous Ruling Thursday, 01 January 2015 OMG Inc. manufactures and distributes alcoholic energy drinks. One of its drinks is called Wide Awake IPA, which is sold in 12-ounce cans. The alcoholic content is twelve percent and it contains caffeine and other ingredients. One can of Wide Awake IPA would cause a 225-pound man to be over the legal limit to drive a motor vehicle in California. Crackhead Craig bought a six-pack of Wide Awake IPA at Discount Liquors... More detail
Are You Interested In Interest On Settlements? Monday, 01 December 2014 Crackhead Craig and his fun loving girlfriend, Ima Forit, were driving around San Diego in Crackhead’s new monster truck. Crackhead and Ima had been smoking some marijuana down at Mission Beach earlier in the day, but decided to pick up some fish tacos and go to the Padre game because they were having a fireworks show following the game. While Crackhead and Ima were talking, Crackhead failed to stop at a red traffic... More detail
How To Load Up On Insurance Coverage Saturday, 01 November 2014 Crackhead Craig decided that he wanted to start his own marijuana dispensary business. He contacted his friend, Jimmy “The Bud” Weedman, for some tips on how to get into the business. Bud Weedman provided a gift of some “knockout weed” to help Crackhead to get started. Crackhead and his fun-loving girlfriend, Ima Forit, met Bud Weedman and his daughter, Mary Jane, at a local bar. They smoked a few joints in the... More detail
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