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Burn Injury Attorney

Burn Injury AttorneyA major burn injury is more than an injury that is skin deep. Unlike a minor burn such as a sunburn that most of us are used to, severe burns can damages a person’s bodily functions that are not directly connected to the affected area of the skin. Most people do not understand that our skin is more than just a covering, it’s also an organ that regulates body temperature and hydration, keeps out disease and performs many other functions to keep our bodies healthy. When a significant percentage of the skin has suffered a severe burn, victims may have to fight for their lives against diseases, dehydration, and other health threats. In addition to the scars, severe burns can destroy hair follicles, sweat glands, the elasticity of the skin, and other functions of the skin that are close to the surface. Some victims with burns in and around joints can find that they literally cannot move the affected area and some victims have trouble breathing.

In addition to the physical consequences of a major burn injury, victims of severe burns may be left with highly visible and unsightly scars that cause severe social and emotional difficulties for the victims. Because society is so focused on physical beauty, many insensitive people or children may ask embarrassing questions, stare or even comment rudely on the scars from the burns. Such treatment, especially when experienced by young children, can lead to severe shyness or other emotional or psychological problems that will make it very difficult for them to lead a normal life.

Most burn accidents occur at home or at work. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that most of these burns are caused by accidents which are preventable such as unattended cooking, dropped cigarettes or children playing with matches or lighters. Some burns are caused by defective products such as cigarette lighters, defective electrical wiring, flammable clothing or home furnishings, heating and/or hot water heater accidents and appliances that short out. Work place accidents typically involve open flames or chemicals, carelessness and lack of safety precautions, or the failure to properly train employees on how to safely operate equipment or use chemicals in the workplace.

Automobile and truck fires can also be caused by broken parts or vehicle defects as well as automobile collisions.

If you are a victim of severe burns, you need to retain an attorney who has significant litigation experience and who understands and can effectively present your case that encompasses both physical as well as emotional scars caused by the burns and the economic impact upon the victim and his family. Please contact Rocky K. Copley for a free initial consultation today.

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