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Bus Accident Attorney

Bus Accident AttorneyIn the San Diego area, the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) provides buses to transport people through parts of San Diego County. As a “common carrier,” California law requires that the MTS act reasonably and protect its passengers, pedestrians, and those in other vehicles while operating the bus system. Bus accidents occur frequently because bus drivers sometimes fail to operate the buses with the high degree of care that is required by law. Bus accidents can cause serious injuries to those involved, including whiplash, broken bones, cuts and bruises, and internal organ damage. Unlike automobiles, a bus does not have seat belts. A person places his trust in the competence and skill of the bus driver. Unfortunately, many drivers are poorly trained, inexperienced, or inattentive which results in accidents.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a bus, the MTS is responsible and should pay your claims. If the bus is an MTS bus, you must file a claim with the MTS within the time frame specified in the California Government Code or your claims for damages could be barred.

When you are injured in a bus accident, you should retain Rocky K. Copley since he knows how to handle and properly investigate your claim, and present your claim at both the administrative and trial levels. Please contact Rocky K. Copley for a free initial consultation today.

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