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Contract Dispute Attorney

Contract Dispute AttorneyContracts are the most basic legal structure in America’s society. Contracts make it possible for businesses to depend upon business relationships and operate effectively. Unfortunately, contracts frequently lead to litigation, especially if the contract was not drafted properly at the beginning of the relationship. A party to a contract may believe that there was an understanding between the contracting parties on how a certain issue would be handled but that understanding was never incorporated into the language of the contract. When contract disputes arise, the non-performing party frequently claims that there was no “understanding” that the issue would be handled in a particular fashion.

Real estate purchase contracts, construction contracts, contracts to purchase goods or other property, business purchase agreements, and commercial and real estate leases or rental agreements, frequently involve disputes which lead to litigation. A party to a contract facing such a dispute needs an experienced trial attorney to assist in analyzing the documentation. Rocky K. Copley is an experienced litigator involving contract disputes. He carefully reviews the correspondence, emails, other communications and evidence to persuade a judge, jury, or arbitrator that your understanding of the issue or your interpretation of the contract is the proper interpretation. The proper amount of aggressiveness is important in contract disputes since many contract disputes lead to new agreements between the parties or businesses.

Consequently, it is important to have an experienced attorney like Rocky K. Copley who can aggressively pursue your claims or defenses while simultaneously keeping the litigation at a professional level so as to increase the likelihood of a cost effective resolution and increase the likelihood of maintaining your business relationship with the other party. Please contact Rocky K. Copley for a free initial consultation today.

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