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Dog Bite & Dog Attack Attorney

Dog Bite and Dog Attack AttorneyDogs are frequently referred to as “man’s best friend.” Dogs serve as pets and companions. Service dogs help people with disabilities and police dogs assist law enforcement in performing their job duties protecting society from criminals. Well-trained and pet dogs, however, can bite or attack someone unexpectedly, causing serious injuries or death. These types of attacks frequently involve children or the elderly.

California Dangerous Dog Law contains special provisions regarding the duties of a dog owner to keep his vicious or dangerous dogs away from persons so that people are not injured. Each year in California, dogs maul, bite and permanently disfigure people or cause the death of someone through unprovoked attacks. If you or someone you know was injured or killed by a dog, let Rocky K. Copley assist you in evaluating your case and presenting your case in a proper fashion so that you are fully compensated for the physical and emotional scars that such an attack can inflict. California law holds dog owners responsible for unprovoked attacks even where the dog has never bitten before or shown any signs of aggression in the past. Unlike many states who have a “one bite rule,” California is a strict liability statute state. In other words, the owner of any dog that bites the first time is legally responsible for the damages caused by the attack. While different laws apply to service dogs or military or police dogs, privately owned dogs are subject to the strict liability statute to hold them legally responsible for the damages caused by their dog.

Dog bites can be minor or severe. Most will require some medical care and some will require corrective surgery. Dog bites can frequently cause permanent disfigurement, scarring or nerve damage. Rocky K. Copley is an experience attorney who is here to assist you to understand your rights and evaluating your case, and to present your case in a proper fashion to a judge or jury so that you may receive complete compensation for your past and future injuries and damages. Please contact Rocky K. Copley for a free initial consultation today.

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