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Injuries to Children Attorney

Injuries to Children AttorneyChildren are susceptible to many types of injuries due their lack of experience or judgment because of their age. Swimming pools, playground equipment, bicycles, sports and toxic household chemicals can pose the risk of injury to children. Young children do not understand the danger associated with their actions and can be easily hurt while crossing the street, riding their bicycle, drinking poisonous substances, or playing in unsafe locations. Due to the fragile nature of children’s bodies, many injuries are very severe and can lead to permanent disabilities, brain injuries, paralysis (paraplegia/quadriplegia) or death. Special settlement agreements can be negotiated to provide for the future medical care and educational needs of your child in addition to compensating your child for the physical and mental pain and suffering.

Minors are entitled to compensation for their injuries in the same manner as an adult. However, a parent or other guardian must file suit or act on their behalf of the minor child. If your child has been injured, please contact Rocky K. Copley who will assist you in evaluating the case and presenting your case in the best possible fashion in order to fully compensate your child. Please contact Rocky K. Copley for a free initial consultation today.

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