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Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident AttorneyWhen a pedestrian is struck by an automobile or truck, the results are usually catastrophic. Operators of vehicles frequently fail to pay attention to their surroundings so as to anticipate older persons, young children leaving school, or mothers assisting their children crossing the street. Even low speed impacts upon a pedestrian can result in serious, life-altering injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), paralysis (paraplegia/quadriplegia), broken bones, internal injuries and bleeding, and other serious life-altering injuries. Sometimes the injuries to or death of a pedestrian was caused by a defective car part, driver error, or an unsafe police pursuit where the police officer failed to follow the established protocol.

Rocky K. Copley is an experienced attorney who can assist you in evaluating your case and presenting your case to a judge, jury or arbitrator so that you can be fully compensated for your injuries, medical expenses and other damages. Special laws apply in pedestrian accident settings and only an experienced attorney in this area can assist you in the pursuit of your claim. Please contact Rocky K. Copley for a free initial consultation today.

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