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Spinal Cord Injury, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia Attorney

Spinal Cord Injury, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia AttorneyRegardless of the type of accident involved, all spinal cord injuries are devastating and life altering. The past and future medical expenses associated with the treatment and rehabilitation associated with spinal cord injuries can be exorbitant. Special and constant assistance is required for routine daily activities. The future cost of such special and constant assistance can be astronomical and most victims are financially incapable of paying for such treatment. Most health insurance policies have caps which limit how much the health insurance will pay. Those limits are frequently exceeded when someone has suffered a spinal injury. After the health insurance has been exhausted, the person is basically uninsured for the balance of their life.

Most spinal cord injuries are expensive to treat and sometimes prevent the victim from returning to their careers. The loss of income can present a great financial burden upon the victim and his family. Victims will require intensive short-term medical care and rehabilitation, and most will require physical therapy and ongoing treatment from a spinal care specialist for an extended period of time into the future, and possibly for life. In addition, the emotional and psychological damages associated with a spinal cord injury are frequently as serious as the physical injury itself.

If you or someone you love suffered a spinal cord injury (paraplegia/quadriplegia) because of the careless or malicious behavior of someone else, you or your loved one have the right to sue and required that person or organization to be responsible for the damages that their conduct caused.

Rocky K. Copley is an experienced trial attorney who is able to evaluate the accident, gather the necessary experts and properly present your case. In most spinal cord cases, the plaintiff must present testimony from experts such as a neurologist, a neuropsychiatrist, a neuropsychologist, a life-care planner, a physical medical doctor, a vocational rehabilitation specialist and an economist or forensic accountant to fully explain to a judge or jury the present and future damages suffered by the victim and his family. Please contact Rocky K. Copley for a free initial consultation today.

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